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E-pood > UUED TOOTED >Dew Point Pole 133ml 4,5oz
Light ~ Works well in humid climates and/or for people who have normal to oily skin.
Medium ~ Works well in average to humid climates and/or for people with dry to normal skin.
Ultra ~ Works well in dry to normal climates and/or for people with very dry to normal skin.
Not sure which formula to choose...take a peek at the Formula Guide below or you can order a Sample Pack.
Formula Guide
How do I know which formula is right for me? 
The formulas are named based upon the amount of moisture they give, Light delivering the least amount and Ultra the highest. It also reacts to the environment you are in, making the climate a factor.
You might want to try the Light if: 
you live in a very humid climate or if your skin is not very dry.
You might want to try the Medium if:
you live in a humid climate and your skin is very dry.
you have average skin and your climate fluctuates, sometimes it is more humid or dry than others.
you are unsure which formula to get, this gives you a good starting point.
You may want to try the Ultra if:
you live in a dry climate and your skin is dry.
you live in an average climate but your skin is very dry
Many of our customers use 2 formulations. One for Winter when it is drier and one for summer when it is usually a bit more humid. We also have customers that use one formula for when they are home and another formula to suit the climate of wherever it is they may be going for competitions/tours/performances.
How does Dew Point work? 
When your skin is dry, holds are much more difficult to execute because your skin slides when you need it to stick. Dew point gives just the right amount of oil-free moisture to help your body grip the pole. So whether you are doing the Gemini or the Jade, your skin has what it needs.
How is Dew Point different from other grip agents? 
First, it is designed to be used on the whole body, not just the hands. Second, it's a moisturizer, so you no longer have to choose between dry skin or the pole. Third, it feels different from any grip you have ever tried. It's not chalky, it's not messy and it's not sticky. Light enough that you can do still do spins with the greatest of ease, yet tacky enough that you'll never want to be without it.
How do I use Dew Point? 
It's very easy to use. Simply spray it on, rub it in and allow it to dry (this will take 30 to 60 seconds depending on your climate). Then, go have fun on the pole!
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